NEXA AUTOCOLOR® painted Marussia F1 Car goes for a spin with Corden, Carr and Bishop

The NEXA AUTOCOLOR® painted Marussia F1 Car has recently appeared on Sky 1 HD's A League of Their Own.

The new 2012 MR-01 driven by Corden, Carr and Bishop is painted in leading edge Nexa Autocolor Nano technology paint products.

John Booth, team principal, Marussia F1 Team had this to say 'True to the show format, everyone had a huge amount of fun seeing James, John and Jimmy doing their best to drive a Formula 1 car and in fairness they didn't do a bad job'.

James Corden adds 'Jimmy was so reckless. They said if we weren't filming, Jimmy would have been sent home.'

See what happened when the Marussia F1 Team put comedy stars James Corden, Jimmy Carr and John Bishop in one of its Formula One racing cars at Silverstone Circuit.