NEXA AUTOCOLOR® expands online process support

NEXA AUTOCOLOR®’s commitment to training extends well beyond the classroom. It is a continuous process that forms the core of our customer partnerships. We aim to provide the highest standards of support and expert technical advice.

To support the Nexa Autocolor on site training programmes we have a series of training videos designed to help you achieve the ultimate repair from etch primer preparation to clearcoat application.

Nexa Autocolor End to End Green Repair Process Video

Demonstrates the complete end to end repair of a vehicle using the Nexa Autocolor Green Repair Process.

Nexa Autocolor Chromate Free Etch Primer application process

Shows the preparation process before application of chromate free etch primer. Etch primer is used to replace the motor manufacturer electrocoat property for a durable repair.

Nexa Autocolor Eco+ Primer Surfacer application process

Eco+ Primer Surfacer is the worlds first primer that contains recycled PET chips as the ingredient for the high build primer; to help you demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

Nexa Autocolor AQUABASE® Plus Basecoat application process

Aquabase waterborne basecoat is a fast, easy-to-use waterborne basecoat that provides a perfect colour match every time.

Nexa Autocolor Waterborne Clearcoat application process

Shows the Nexa Autocolor Waterborne Clearcoat mixing and application process.