Introducing NEXA AUTOCOLOR® Liquid Aluminium Tinter

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand is committed to continually reviewing our product offer and implementing changes where necessary that deliver improvements to colour capability, mixing accuracy and consistency of our colour offer. Following a recent review of our AQUABASE® Tinter range, we are pleased to announce the launch of P977-LA01 Liquid Aluminium tinter to our colour offer.

Manufactured using the latest developments in pigment technology this new tinter contains an aluminium flake that creates the look of a highly polished metal finish covering the car body like a metallic skin that shines like liquid metal.

Nexa Autocolor brand is committed to the innovation of new products and repair processes, outstanding colour quality, and dedicated tools and services, all seeking to improve bodyshop quality, productivity and profitability. The introduction of this new Tinter is another example of this commitment to continually improve the colour quality and capability, providing the best possible match for every repair.