Bodyshop Connectivity



Innovative claims management system connecting all stakeholders throughout the entire claims process. From Bodyshops to Insurers, Manufacturers to Suppliers, ACTIVEWEB® can connect you directly to the information you need, when you need it.

ActiveWeb is the leading internet based claims management and connectivity platform providing seamless integration of all stakeholders throughout the complete claim and repair process.

ActiveWeb facilitates two-way communication between any authorised parties at any point in the claim lifecycle, from FNOL to CSI.

The richness and timeliness of the data that ActiveWeb provides allows the entire customer experience to be improved whilst at the same time reducing costs.

ActiveWeb has been developed closely with leading industry experts from all aspects of the claim lifecycle. ActiveWeb allows every stakeholder to manage key information and interact with all other stakeholders at any stage of the claim process.

The ActiveWeb Claims Management Solution addresses the needs of the entire claims process at all levels with its wide array of features:

  • Deployment and distribution interfaces
  • Work Provider / Insurer links
  • Network Management
  • Claims Management
  • SLA Management
  • CSI Solutions
  • Online reporting tools

ActiveWeb has an unprecedented range of connectivity - at the time of writing it has connections to 13 different bodyshop management systems, four major insurers, replacement vehicle companies, multiple solicitors, recovery agencies and estimating solutions - and the list just keeps on growing.

To find out more about how ActiveWeb Claims Management System can help you please call our PINETREE® Service Desk on 0870 114 9988 or visit