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What do our customers say?

Here's what our customers have to say about NEXA AUTOCOLOR® Bodyshop Support

Morgan Motor Company

"Technical support is massively important to Morgan Motor Company, Nexa Autocolor provide ongoing support in all process areas at Morgan and are always there when needed, the technical support provided by Nexa Autocolor is second to none."

Solus Accident Repair Centres

"By consulting with Nexa Autocolor Technical Support from the outset, Solus have found that potential issues are resolved before they emerge and that their pro-active approach ensures that quality, continuous improvement and margin management, are key drivers within our repair processes."

Adams Morey

"The Nexa Autocolor support is vital to our operations as without it we would suffer embarrassing problems with painting of the the many Fleet Trucks undertaken in our paintshop for a Formula 1 team and various other major Fleet Truck operators.

We are grateful for their constant support and back up and would be unable to operate and provide the superior finish that we pride ourselves on without it"


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