Uncompromising speed and flexibility - a winning combination found in Nexa Autocolor’s latest clear, the P190-8002 Express Plus Clearcoat. Alongside a quick bake time, the clearcoat uses state-of-the-art technology to achieve a beautifully glossy finish in just one visit.

Nexa Autocolor´s commitment to enhancing its customers´ capabilities through the best products has produced an unrivalled formula - with everything a customer could want in a clearcoat.

The Express Plus Clearcoat is the fastest of its type in the market, with only five minutes baking at 60˚C, or being dust free after twenty minutes. This enables customers to conduct a higher volume of repairs and increase energy savings by limiting the use of equipment. The clearcoat uses a dedicated hardener and two thinners to ensure the best application at all temperatures.

What sets this clearcoat apart from others in the market though is the ability to apply the product with impeccable results in just one visit. This provides Nexa Autocolor customers with the opportunity to speed up many of their processes, improve their workflow and in turn prevent bottlenecks – all while retaining quality.

While the speed and superb finish of the clearcoat may make you question if it’s difficult to apply, Nexa Autocolor brand can guarantee painters will approach their work with speed and confidence with the coat´s excellent flow and superb sag resistance.

Ignasi Roig, Product Platform Manager EMEA at PPG Refinish, says: “P190-8002 Express Plus Clearcoat will revolutionise the way our customers work. They’ll be able to achieve their desired results in only one visit, drastically changing their workflows and increasing their opportunities. We’re very proud of the continuing advancement of our products to ensure our customers get the very best.”

The P190-8002 Express Plus Clearcoat is available from October on.


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