NEXA AUTOCOLOR® extends TURBO VISION® with the Launch of a Premium Etch Primer

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® is pleased to announce the introduction of the P565-7700 Premium Etch Primer to its TURBO VISION® range of commercial transportation coatings across EMEA.

P565-7700 Primer joins the Universal 2K Primer in the revolutionary Turbo Vision range; a next-generation platform that uses state-of-the-art technologies to deliver outstanding colour excellence and finishes across a variety of commercial vehicles and applications.

Offering both speed and performance, P565-7700 delivers exceptional anti-corrosion protection and can be used together with any Turbo Vision topcoat. This product is applied using a wet-on-wet application method, which reduces processing times and delivers efficiency improvements, giving manufacturers and bodyshops the opportunity to increase their productivity and profitability.

The benefits of P565-7700 Primer also extend to commercial fleet and vehicle owners. Excellent corrosion resistance can help to increase the working life of commercial vehicles and reduce the number of costly repairs required over the lifetime, which results in greater cost efficiency.

“The commercial transport industry is constantly evolving, so businesses in this sector are always looking for ways to optimise and streamline their processes,” explains Christina Galvin, senior product manager CT, PPG Refinish EMEA.

“The Turbo Vision system is known and trusted for its market-leading performance, and the addition of P565-7700 Premium Etch Primer means our customers can achieve outstanding corrosion protection without the need to compromise on speed.”

The P565-7700 Primer can be used as part of a two or three-stage system depending on production priorities. When speed is key, a two-stage application with a Nexa Autocolor Turbo Vision topcoat gives good results, but for maximum performance and the highest level of corrosion resistance, a three-stage application is recommended.

Nexa Autocolor Turbo Vision P565-7700 Premium Etch Primer is available now.