NEXA AUTOCOLOR brings technical expertise into one digital toolbox

NEXA AUTOCOLOR®, one of the world’s leading innovative refinish paint brands, has extended its digital toolbox for the commercial transport (CT) sector with the launch of a digital web application that makes the choice of products and systems easier, faster and ultimately more efficient.

Available on the Nexa Autocolor website on all devices, users have access to a filter structure for both products (Product Finder) and systems (System Finder). These filters include the type of substrates and objects customers want to use the coatings on, specific usages the coatings needs to deliver such as finish excellence or fast process times, as well as finish, application method and product types.

Additionally, a dedicated icon system helps users to quickly compare product/ system searches for certain requirements before taking a deeper dive. For products, these icons include a variety of features such as ‘process efficiency’, ‘low VOC’ or ‘one visit’, for example. For systems, icons display how systems score on the ‘speed of process’ and ‘appearance of finish’, while the compare function allows users to observe the differences of up to three systems on one page.

Sabrina Thomas, Brand & Communication Manager CT/ LIC EMEA, shared why the web app is being launched: “With Nexa Autocolor TURBO VISION®, customers have access to an innovative and market leading product platform. It is our goal to offer customers additional support in their daily operations and reduce the complexity when choosing the right coatings for their projects. Product & System Finder does exactly that.”

The tool includes our complete product range in the commercial transport sector, as well as the most common paint systems used for the repair and refurbishment of commercial transport vehicles. With Product & System Finder we are providing a starting point for many customers before they speak to one of our specialised technical consultants for more advanced queries.

Product & System Finder joins PPG ProductApp (iOS, Android) in the digital toolbox, an app that already allows customers to find technical data to prepare and apply products in a convenient way.

The Product Finder and  System Finder applications are available to use on all web-supported devices now.