Commercial Transport Colour Chip Tools

Reach your vision with professional colour matching tools designed for commercial transport manufacturing and repairs. NEXA AUTOCOLOR® delivers practical and accurate colour chip card tools for their use together with our premium TURBO VISION® product range.



This spray out library has be designed following extensive research with industry painters. It is ideal for painters who are looking for a compact and premiumsolution for colour identification.

The solution includes:
• 100 of the most popular Commercial transport colours
• High quality spray out panels
• Strong but flexible material
• Code on back of panels for easy formula retrieval
• Unique wall hanging storage
• Ability to add your own shop spray-outs


Our Turbo Vision Metallic Colour Palette enables you to choose a colour identity that is as individual as the needs of your business. Our range of 43 colour shades allow you to create a variety of metallic finishes, by tinting P651-9006 RAL9006 Aluminum Ready Mix to a maximum of 10%, with Turbo Vision tinters.                                                                                                                                                 


Also discover all our digital colour identification and paint mixing tools, such as TOUCHMIX® Express, RAPIDMATCH™ GO, COLORMOBILE® or PAINTMANAGER® XI.